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Mobile Developing Mobile Developing

Mobile Developing

We develop apps for Android devices and soon to enter the Apple world by developing iOS devices

Web Developing Web Developing

Web Developing

We create websites using the WordPress platform, also considering a minimum of SEO optimization

Desktop Developing Desktop Developing

Desktop Developing

Any programmer starts by creating Desktop programs. We could not forget our first love

How We Are

When I work on a problem I never think about beauty. I just think about how to solve the problem. But when I’m done, if the solution isn’t nice, I know it’s wrong.

Besim Software is an organization that deals with software development. Our team is made up of passionate people with a single passion, that for information technology. We are involved in numerous projects, we have actually developed 2 applications for Android devices and created / supported 5 websites

Our Portfolio

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Android Wearecode

Android Weareleaks

The Street Rover

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Our Team

Enzo De Simone

CEO & Software Developer

Giovanni Aiello

Collaborator & Translator

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